• Product Review: Radius Hand Wraps

  • Radius Wrap 300x283 Product Review: Radius Hand WrapsThe team over at Radius Wraps recently sent us a pair of Radius Hand Wraps to review. The product has been designed to tackle a common problem found with traditional wraps, where athletes can sometimes damage their hands because the force of impact whilst punching is transmitted through their knuckles. This is considered by many to be a design weakness that can expose fighters and athletes to the risk of injury.

    The whole point of hand wrapping is to protect your hands from the stress of repeated blows over an extended period of time whilst fighting, training and sparring. While traditional wraps do provide protection, Radius Wraps aim to enhance the amount of protection given to your hands by incorporating their removable Radius Roll, which is made from cross-linked closed cell rebound foam.

    The Radius Roll simply slides into the red section of the hand wrap which goes around your knuckle. Whilst wrapping your hand you will notice that you now have a layer of protective foam covering your knuckle, which decreases the impact force generated from blows to the knuckles and hand.

    Radius Wrap Action 300x164 Product Review: Radius Hand WrapsWhen fitting the Radius Wrap you simply measure the width of your knuckle, then using scissors or a knife, cut the Radius Roll down to that width. After this is done, check that the roll is as wide as your knuckles when you make a fist. You can now use this Radius Roll whenever you use your Radius Wraps as it will now be suited to your specific knuckle width. The wraps can be used with standard MMA and boxing gloves, giving you a high level of protection.

    Many of you will be familiar with the technique of wrapping material over and over to create provisional padding for your knuckle, some people even use more then one wrap. Radius Wraps instantly remove the need to take these extra measures by incorporating the cylinder-shaped pad into the wraps design.

    The main question people will ask is “Do I really need this added protection?”, in my opinion the answer is “Yes”. Combat sports takes enough of a toll on your body, so why expose your hands, which are one of the main tools you will need, to the risk of debilitating injury.

    Radius Roll 147x300 Product Review: Radius Hand WrapsThe great thing about the Radius Wraps is that they are made with strong, high-quality performance fabric, which feels really comfortable and conforms to the unique shape of your hand. For this reason, I can see the product becoming very popular in the world of combat sports.

    While using the Radius Wraps we found them easy to fit and comfortable to wear. Punching harder for longer periods of time is made easier as the Radius Roll absorbs a large amount of the impact whilst punching. We couldn’t help but think “Why has it taken so long for someone to think of this?”.

    The team over at Radius Wraps have taken a problem and come up with an efficient solution, creating an affordable, high-quality and durable product that can be used throughout the entire combat sports industry. Radius Wraps definitely get the thumbs up from us.

    You can buy a pair of Radius Wraps or find out more about the product by visiting: www.radiuswraps.com

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    A big thanks to Radius Wraps for sending us the product to try!

    Jay Cee – @themmareview

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