• The MMA Review “Babe Of The Month” for June 2012: Zoe James

  • Zoe James 1 200x300 The MMA Review Babe Of The Month for June 2012: Zoe JamesIt is a new month and I am now able to introduce you to The MMA Review June “Babe Of The Month”! I am happy to tell you that BAMMA ring girl Zoe James is our June babe! Enjoy!

    Jay Cee: Hi Zoe, I am really glad to have you here on themmareview.co.uk as our June “Babe Of The Month”! Tell me how it feels to be an MMA Review Babe?

    Zoe James: It feels pretty good, i’m really flattered to have been asked!

    Jay Cee: Tell me a bit about how you got into being a ring girl? I know you are currently with BAMMA, are there any other promotions you work for or have worked for in the past?

    Zoe James: I was working at an mma exhibition and I ran over to BAMMA and told them I wanted a job haha! It was quite cheeky really! Considering I hadn’t done it before I suppose I was chancing it a bit. But it worked out for the best.

    Jay Cee: What is your favourite thing about being a ring-girl? You and Georgia always look like your having a good time!

    Zoe James: I love spending time with G and Stacey, we make a good trio! We sniff out pizza and have a bit of girl time back stage. I also love the fans, how can I not?

    Jay Cee: Do you have any funny stories or memorable moments from a BAMMA event that you can tell me about?

    Zoe James: Probably the funniest moment was when Georgia and I were going to a photoshoot in London, we were running around the hotel in our pjamas, losing flip flops and we had a bit of a hair dye disaster, I asked G if she had done it before and her answer was ‘No…but i took Art at school’ Haha! That still makes me laugh now!

    Zoe James 2 200x300 The MMA Review Babe Of The Month for June 2012: Zoe JamesJay Cee: Are you an actual MMA fan? If so, who is your favorite MMA fighter? and why?

    Zoe James: I am an MMA fan, but I never disclose my favourites because we have to walk everyone out into the ring! I’ve been pretty impressed by Tom Watson and Jack Marshman though.

    Jay Cee: Tell me a bit about what else you do outside of being a ring girl Zoe? I have seen some nice modelling pictures of you, is modelling something you do full time or just something on the side?

    Zoe James: I do it full time, along with studying History at Uni and my dedication to Xbox haha! You can see me in LOOK Magazine and the new Dorothy Perkins commercial or on the grid at the British GT and BTCC for Adam Morgan and Speedworks Motor Sport. I’m a busy girl!

    Jay Cee: What advice would you give to any aspiring ring-girls/models trying to make it in the industry?

    Zoe James: Hard work, dedication and most importantly a good attitude. Stay grounded and treat everyone well, without taking any rubbish haha!

    Zoe James 3 200x300 The MMA Review Babe Of The Month for June 2012: Zoe JamesJay Cee: Last question now Zoe…What can we expect from Zoe James in the future? what are your plans for 2012?

    Zoe James: More of the same! Lots of banter on twitter, other than that I don’t like to presume anything, i’ll take it all as it comes!

    Jay Cee: Great, well that about wraps it up Zoe. Thanks again for taking some time out to be our June “Babe Of The Month” and good luck for the future!

    Thanks again to Zoe James for being our June babe. If you want to stay up-to-date with what Zoe is doing you can check her out on the following websites:

    Facebook:  www.facebook.com/ZoeJamesModel
    Twitter:  @ZoeEmmaJames

    Cheers guys,

    Jay Cee – The MMA Review

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