• The MMA Review “Babe Of The Month” for May 2012: Poppy Thompson

  • Poppy Thompson 2 214x300 The MMA Review Babe Of The Month for May 2012: Poppy ThompsonIt is a new month and I am now able to introduce you to The MMA Review May “Babe Of The Month”! I am happy to tell you that Shock ‘n’ Awe ring girl Poppy Thompson is our May babe! Enjoy!

    Jay Cee: ”Hi Poppy, I am really glad to have you here on themmareview.co.uk as our May “Babe Of The Month”! Tell me how it feels to be an MMA Review Babe? I hear it is your Birthday this month! How will you be celebrating?”

    Poppy Thompson: ”It feels pretty amazing! I’m a big fan of The MMA Review so being babe of the month for May has definitely put a big smile on my face. This year I celebrated by watching Callum Jones and James Pennington fight at Kayo MMA and after hit the town and got a bit tipsy with the girls.”

    Jay Cee: ”Tell me a bit about how you got into being a ring girl? I know you currently do shows for Shock’n'Awe, are there any other promotions you work for or have worked for in the past?”

    Poppy Thompson: ”My Best friend Lexi asked if I wanted to be a ring girl with her, I had never watched a fight in my life so I was pretty nervous at first but I’m totally hooked now. I have worked for a few other promotions but I mainly work for Shock n Awe.”

    Jay Cee: ”What is your favourite thing about being a ring-girl?”

    Poppy Thompson: ”The best bit is meeting new people, I have made so many friends through the sport. I also train at Gym01 mixed martial arts so I get to see the guys and girls train for big fights, it’s amazing how much time and training goes into it all.”

    Jay Cee: ”Are you an actual MMA fan? If so, who is your favorite MMA fighter? and why?”

    Poppy Thompson 1 200x300 The MMA Review Babe Of The Month for May 2012: Poppy ThompsonPoppy Thompson: ”I’m a Big fan, I love watching MMA! And lucky for me I get the best seat so I can watch all the action up close. It’s so hard to pick a favorite fighter as they all have different strengths and weaknesses but at the moment it’s Callum ‘Little Country’ Jones. I watched his last fight and he completely destroyed the other guy.”

    Jay Cee: ”Tell me a bit about what else you do outside of being a ring girl Poppy? I have seen some nice modelling pictures of you, is modelling something you do full time or just something on the side?”

    Poppy Thompson: ”I do a bit of modeling part time for fashion and glamour but for my full time job I’m actually a mechanical engineer, I work on Auto Cad drawing up building services…I bet you didn’t expect that! Haha!”

    Jay Cee: ”You’re right, I wasn’t expecting that…lol…Last question now…What can we expect from Poppy Thompson in the future? what are your plans for 2012?”

    Poppy Thompson: ”Well at the moment I’m filming for a new documentary on MMA Wives that will be coming out towards the end of this year and with Shock N Awe getting bigger and bigger I think I’m going to be a very busy girl.”


    Jay Cee: “Good stuff, well that about wraps it up Poppy. Thanks again for taking some time out to be our May “Babe Of The Month” and good luck for the future!”


    The End

    Thanks again to Poppy Thompson for being our May babe. If you want to stay up-to-date with what Poppy is doing you can check her out on the following websites:


    Facebook: http://facebook.com/poppy.thompson
    Twitter: @Poppy_Rocks
    Website http://poppythompson.tumblr.com/


    Cheers guys,


    Jay Cee – The MMA Review


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