• Quinton Jackson talks about his new “Rampage Punch” phone app, MMA and more…

  • Rampage Punch 1 200x300 Quinton Jackson talks about his new Rampage Punch phone app, MMA and more...Mixed Martial Arts and Hollywood star Quinton “Rampage” Jackson recently released his “Rampage Punch” smartphone app for iPhone and Android users to enjoy. The app judges your punches and then gives you feedback from Rampage himself on how you did, if you do well then Jackson will give you praise but if your punches don’t pack enough power Rampage tells you how rubbish you were.

    Users get to choose what material they are going to be punching from glass, wood or metal then after the bell sounds you throw your punch and the app uses the latest phone technology developed by MEDL Mobile, inc. to measure the speed and force of your punch. Once the punch has been thrown the app records your reaction time and force to give you an overall percentage rating on your performance.

    I got the chance to ask Quinton “Rampage” Jackson a few questions about “Rampage Punch” and more:

    Jay Cee: ”Hi Rampage, I would first like to ask you what made you decide to do your own app?”

    Rampage: ”First off I have to say I’m not just limited to being just a fighter. I have other skills…I can walk, I can read, I enjoy video games and I enjoy apps. I just like entertaining people and if I can entertain people by giving them a cool app than why not.”

    Jay Cee: ”How did you come up with the concept for the app?”

    Rampage: ”I came up with concept of the app when I saw how smartphones were taking off.  I was on sports science and I tested my punch and I wanted everyone to be able to test their punch and show it to their friends and Medl mobile had a great idea to be able to post it to Facebook and Twitter.  I just thought it was a no brainer and its a really cool game.  It was cool to bring one of my ideas to life.”

    Jay Cee: ”There are a lot off apps out there on the market, what is it about “Rampage Punch” that you think sets it apart from other games?”

    Rampage: ”Something  that sets it apart from other games is that it has a little bit of my personality in it.  You hear my voice and if you do good you hear me congratulating you and if you do crap you get me telling you crap.  There’s not a lot of games out there that are like that.  If someone is my fan than it’s a great game for them to have.”

    Jay Cee: ”Other then releasing “Rampage Punch” what have you been up to since your last fight against Ryan Bader in Japan at UFC 144?”

    Rampage: ”I’ve just been rehabing and taking things slow.  Playing a lot of video games.  Other than that not doing much of anything.”

    Jay Cee: ”There has been a lot of talk in the media about you wanting to leave the UFC, will we see you in the octagon again? and if so is there anyone in particular that you would like to fight?”

    Rampage: ”I’m not saying I’m gonna leave MMA. There’s a couple of guys I want to fight. I want to fight people that have beat me in the past. I would love to fight people that have been talking to smack, definitely Justin Boner.  He’s been running his mouth a little bit, I would love to put my foot in his mouth.”

    Jay Cee: ”Ok, well thanks for the time Rampage. Can’t wait to see you back in action and I am sure that “Rampage Punch” will be a hit with the fans.”

    Check out this video of Rampage trying out “Rampage Punch” for himself:

    Rampage Punch 2 200x300 Quinton Jackson talks about his new Rampage Punch phone app, MMA and more...I have tried the app out for myself and it is great fun, one of the best things about it is the feedback you get from Rampage Jackson. Some of the comments from Quinton will definitely have you laughing! This is a fantastic app so make sure you give it a try for yourself:

    To download “Rampage Punch” for the iPhone: CLICK HERE

    To download “Rampage Punch” for an Android: CLICK HERE

    Thanks again to Quinton “Rampage” Jackson for the interview and also a big thanks to the developers of the app MEDL Mobile, Inc.

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