• Product Review: Form Athletics Big Man Fight Shorts – White

  • Form Shorts 5 300x282 Product Review: Form Athletics Big Man Fight Shorts – WhiteI was recently sent some Form Athletics shorts from my friends over at mmaopinion.com – Here is my review on the product…

    Style and Appearance

    One of the things I instantly liked about these shorts was the simplistic design, the shorts are white with logo prints on both the left and right sides. There is also a logo on the front waistband section of the shorts which looks great. The print is in a black colour which always goes well on top of white. Form products always look great and have a good style leaving the wearer feeling like a million bucks. The waistband of the shorts also has a striped design going all the way around which distinguishes the waist section from the main body of the shorts.

    Form Shorts 3 293x300 Product Review: Form Athletics Big Man Fight Shorts – White

    Design and Fit

    These shorts are really comfortable to wear, they do not feel tight in any way or restrict the movement of the wearer. The stitching on the shorts is very high quality which means you get great durability, they are also made from microfibre material so you also stay cool when training. The shorts are designed with a fixed waistband that is secured together with a Velcro closure, there is also a rope drawstring which allows you to tighten the shorts to your personal preference.

    Form Shorts 4 254x300 Product Review: Form Athletics Big Man Fight Shorts – White

    Performance and Functionalilty

    During training you will notice that these shorts are not to heavy which is great for movement and speed. The material is so soft and light that you are close to feeling like you are not even wearing shorts at all, they are great for your normal MMA training or BJJ if required.

    Form Shorts 2 187x300 Product Review: Form Athletics Big Man Fight Shorts – White

    Overall Analysis

    Overall these shorts look good and feel great, with the latest design technology and high quality materials you do not have to worry about not getting your money’s worth. I would personally purchase these shorts any day of the week.


    Thanks to you the readers, Form Athletics and MMAOpinion.com for sending me the product.

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