• The MMA Review “Babe Of The Month” for September 2012: Anna “Menace” Middleton

  • IMG 1187 full 199x300 The MMA Review Babe Of The Month for September 2012: Anna Menace MiddletonIt is a new month and I am now able to introduce you to The MMA Review September “Babe Of The Month”! I am happy to tell you that British ring girl Anna “Menace” Middleton is our September babe! Enjoy!

    Jay Cee: ”Hi Anna, I am really glad to have you here on themmareview.co.uk as our September “Babe Of The Month”! Tell me how it feels to be an MMA Review Babe?”

    Menace: ”I feel extremely honoured and very grateful. Its nice to be asked, as I guess it gives people a chance to find out a bit more about me, seeing as I’m creeping into more and more shows now.”

    Jay Cee: ”How did you first get involved with being a ring-girl? Do you remember your first show and how it felt to go out in front of the crowd?”

    Menace: ”Well I’m the type of person that doesn’t take no for an answer. Every time I saw a fight listed I would e-mail and ask if I could be a ring girl. Usually the girls were already sorted but it gave me a chance to network and leave my number incase a girl pulled out. That’s how I ended up getting my first show as a girl pulled out. I was so nervous but absolutely buzzing. Once I got the first round out the way that was it I was hooked and loving it.”

    Jay Cee: ”You have been ring-girl at a few different events, do you have any funny or memorable stories you can share with me?”

    IMG 1266 full 192x300 The MMA Review Babe Of The Month for September 2012: Anna Menace MiddletonMenace: ”Each show has been a blinder in its own right. I love having a laugh with the other girls, the fighters, the trainers and even the ref. I’ve seen some brilliant KO’s & TO’s and I live for the crowd reaction at shows. You can often finding me dancing by the cage or in the cage, which the crowd probably thinks is funny.”

    Jay Cee: ”A question I get asked quite a lot by women who read our “Babe Of The Month” feature is “how do you get into it?”. Do you have any advice for all the young ladies aspiring to become a ring-girl? and what steps they could/should take towards achieving it?”

    Menace: ”Be persistent! Keep trying and eventually someone will give you a break. I went through a year of no’s before I got given my first show and then when you do get the opportunity, make sure you go all out. Show them you mean business and work hard. It’s paid off for me and I now I have more fights to look forward to.”

    Jay Cee: ”I was recently in attendance at ringside when you won the Ultimate Impact Cagefighting Ring-Girl competition, and I have to say it was well deserved. Tell me how it felt to win the competition? and what your next goal for 2012/2013 is?”

    Menace: ”It was absolutely amazing, I was so shocked when they said my name. I’ve taken part in modelling comps before and never won, but I’m so passionate about being a cage girl and MMA that I wanted to win this one big time. I actually said that this would be my last comp, so what a way to finish. Goals for 2012/2013 is to carry on being a cage girl, hopefully get involved with more shows and IMG 0742 full 199x300 The MMA Review Babe Of The Month for September 2012: Anna Menace Middletoncontinue to meet amazing people. I work as a dental nurse during the day and have just started a dental radiography and radiology course, so will be focusing on studying and applying for uni to train as a dental hygienist, but I will always make time for shows and MMA.”

    Jay Cee: ”I have seen some really sexy modelling pictures of you, tell me about some of the modelling work you have done in the past? and is this something you would consider doing full-time?”

    Menace: ”I started modelling in 2008 after winning a Miss.Brunette contest and from there the snowball grew. I’ve been lucky enough to have my photos featured numerous times in NUTS, ZOO, & MAX POWER. Actually beginning of this year I had a double page spread shoot with NUTS that was so much fun. I was lucky enough to go to Egypt a few years back and shoot a calendar, and Ive worked with some fine photographers. I’ve done everything from photoshoots, to promowork, to grid girl work, to boxing ring girl, taken part in Miss.Plymouth & Miss. Devon for Miss.GB, you name it , I was probably there. Despite doing all the above I wouldnt persue it full time, it’s my hobby and something to fill my weekends with. Modelling is demanding and not always as glamourous as it looks, it can be very tiring too.  I love my job as a dental nurse and thats what pays the bills at the end of the day.”

    Jay Cee: ”What do you consider to be your best asset body-wise? (My opinion…Your BUM!!!….lol…sorry, had to say it)”

    Menace: ”Haha! icon smile The MMA Review Babe Of The Month for September 2012: Anna Menace Middleton I usually say my pearly white smile, but the booty seems to be getting alot of love these days from walking round the cage with me, so yeah, I guess its now the ass that’s my ass-et!”

    Jay Cee: ”Is your ultimate aim to become a UFC or Strikeforce ring-girl? or would you rather become queen of the U.K. Mixed Martial Arts scene?”

    IMG 6489 199x300 The MMA Review Babe Of The Month for September 2012: Anna Menace MiddletonMenace: ”I like the sound of queen of the U.K. scene. I’m a home girl at heart, I really like the local fights im involved with. I’ve made friends with some lovely people and fighters and we are all like family now. I do believe in having aims tho and I’ve already excelled mine. I just wanted 1 go in the cage and now I have done 4 shows and won Ultimate impact cage girl and have 4 upcoming shows, and thats all in one year. Saying that though I guess yeah going for UFC or Strikeforce would be absolutely amazing and a chance I would jump at and be proud to be a cage girl for.”

    Jay Cee: ”Who is your favorite British MMA fighter? and who is your favorite U.S. MMA fighter?”

    Menace: ”Oh wow, this I cannot possibly call. I’ve only been involved with British MMA, so still learning loads here and across the pond. I’ve made friends with some amazing fighters and it would be impossible to pick a favourite as I have love for them all and they each bring something different to the game.”

    Jay Cee: ”Ok, last question now Anna….Describe yourself in three words?”

    Menace: ”Determined, Wild and Exciting!”

    Jay Cee: ”Great, well that about wraps it up Anna. Thanks for taking some time out to be our September “Babe Of The Month” and I wish you the best of luck for the future!”

    IMG 0766 full 1024x682 The MMA Review Babe Of The Month for September 2012: Anna Menace Middleton

    Thanks again to Anna Middleton for being our September babe. If you want to stay up-to-date with what Anna is doing you can check her out on Twitter: @ruskyhussy

    Cheers guys,

    Jay Cee – The MMA Review

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