• UFC on FX 5′s Carlo Prater: ‘I changed my training dramatically for this fight.’

  • Carlo Prater 199x300 UFC on FX 5s Carlo Prater: I changed my training dramatically for this fight.I recently got the chance to catch up with UFC fighter Carlo Prater, who will be facing Marcus LeVesseur at UFC on FX 5 on Oct. 5. We talk about his last fight with TJ Grant, the upcoming fight with LeVesseur and more…

    Jay Cee: ”Hi Carlo, great to have you on themmareview.co.uk. Let me start by talking about your most recent matchup against TJ Grant in May, unfortunately you lost the fight via unanimous decision, what are your thoughts on the fight? did you agree with the judges decision?”

    Carlo: ”I fought really conservatively and was not happy with my performance at all. TJ did an awesome job and deserved to win that fight for sure.”

    Jay Cee: ”You recently went up to welterweight at UFC 142, what prompted your decision to drop back down to lightweight for this next fight? can you see yourself staying within this weight-class for the foreseeable future?”

    Carlo: ”I have fought at 155 since 2009, only going to 170 at UFC 142 because it was the opportunity given to me and I have never turned down a fight in my career. I am at and will stay at 155.”

    Jay Cee: ”You are next scheduled to fight Marcus LeVesseur at UFC on FX 5 in October, what are your thoughts on the upcoming bout and Marcus as an opponent?”

    Carlo: ”He seems like a game opponent. I look forward to it.”

    Jay Cee: ”LeVesseur is known for his high level wrestling, will you be bringing in any special training partners during your training camp to prepare for this? and knowing that he lost his last fight against Cody McKenzie via submission, do you see that as a weakness you may look to exploit in the fight?”

    Carlo: ”I changed my training dramatically for this fight. We all have weaknesses and I am sure he is working on his such as I am on mine.”

    Jay Cee: ”What gym do you currently train at? and what is your favorite part of training?”

    Carlo: ”American Top Team – Coconut Creek, Florida, USA. All of it.”

    Jay Cee: ”Obviously your focus is on your next opponent, but in a division stacked with so many talented guys is there any particular fighter you would like to step into the octagon with?”

    Carlo: ”After this fight I will think about that.”

    Jay Cee: ”Who is your favourite MMA fighter past or present? and why?”

    Carlo: ”Yves Edwards – skills, heart, technique, experience, poise, resiliency, humility alongside our long-standing personal friendship, I look up to him so much. I was always a fan of Fedor as well and in Muay Thai, a big fan of Dekkers and Carnage Corbett.”

    Jay Cee: ”Ok, great. I really appreciate you taking the time to speak with me Carlo and I wish you the best of luck in your next fight! Thanks.”

    Carlo: ”Thank you Jay Cee and themmareview.co.uk for having me. Shout out to Apex Sports Agency, American Top Team, Venum Fight Gear, Training Mask and TRX. Follow me on Twitter @TheOneMMA and facebook.com/OfficialCarloPrater.

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