• Interview: Alexis Davis talks ahead of her bout against Shayna Baszler at Invicta FC 4

  • Alexis Davis 200x300 Interview: Alexis Davis talks ahead of her bout against Shayna Baszler at Invicta FC 4

    Alexis Davis

    Female bantamweight fighter Alexis Davis is set to face Shayna Baszler at Invicta FC 4, which takes place at the Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas, on Jan. 5.

    The MMA Review (themmareview.co.uk) recently got the chance to talk with Alexis Davis about the upcoming bout against Shayna, Invicta FC, Training, Ronda Rousey joining the UFC and more…

    Check out the interview:

    Jay Cee: ”Hi Alexis, it’s great to have you on themmareview.co.uk. First lets talk about your upcoming bout with Shayna Baszler at Invicta FC 4 on Jan. 5. What are your thoughts on Shayna as an opponent? and how do you see the fight playing out?”

    Alexis Davis: ”I think Shayna is a great opponent, even the fact that this is a rematch doesn’t concern me as much. I have a lot of respect for Shayna in the MMA community, she has a great submission game.”

    Jay Cee: ”As you mentioned, this will be the second time that you step into the cage with Baszler. You guys fought back in March 2010, where you lost via decision. How much would avenging that loss mean to you? and do you feel that you have evolved as a fighter since you last fought Shayna?”

    Alexis Davis: ”A win for this fight would be great for me to push me in the ranking and lead me into a possible title shot. I think I’ve changed a lot since our last fight. My game continues to grow adding more elements each time.”

    Jay Cee: ”How has training and preparation for the fight been going so far? Will you be working with any special sparring partners or coaches?”

    Alexis Davis: ”My training camp has been great. I’ve been working a lot on my wrestling, as it’s something that I’ve been wanting to focus on more each fight.”

    Jay Cee: ”I think Invicta FC is a great thing for women’s MMA. They produce a professional show and so far their events have been action packed. Tell me what it is like to be working with Invicta FC? and what your thoughts are on women’s MMA as it continues to grow in popularity?”

    Alexis Davis: ”I love working with Invicta! It’s very well organized and they continue to push and grow with every fighter from Amature to Pro. With the way this sport is growing we need promotion like Invicta who are going to put out good quality fights with good quality fighters.”

    Davis vs Baszler Poster 214x300 Interview: Alexis Davis talks ahead of her bout against Shayna Baszler at Invicta FC 4Jay Cee: ”Your last fight was at Invicta FC 2, where you defeated Hitomi Akano via submission in the second round. Give me your thoughts on that fight? and how it felt to pick up the submission victory?”

    Alexis Davis: ”I’ve been able to really organize my camps to focus on my opponents. I’ve had some great coaches to help me focus on my opponents strength and weaknesses. I am really happy with how far I’ve been able to come as a fighter.”

    Jay Cee: ”During 2010/2011 you had built up a three fight winning streak, which was snapped by a very close decision loss to Sarah Kaufman. Is Sarah someone you would like to face again at some point in the future?”

    Alexis Davis: ”Oh yeah!! I think the fans would like to see it too. I really think I have what it takes to come out on top.. If not it would be one hell of a fight.”

    Jay Cee: ”What are your thoughts on Ronda Rousey signing with the UFC? Would signing with them be something that you hope to achieve yourself someday?”

    Alexis Davis: ”I think it’s great Ronda has signed. And it’s even better to have her and Liz as the main event for the February card. Despite who wins, I just hope it’s a great fight to really push women in the UFC.”

    Jay Cee: ”What can we expect to see from Alexis Davis within the next 2-3 years? What are your goals for the future?”

    Alexis Davis: ”I think we’re going to see a title in my future. As well as a few Jiu-Jitsu gold medals.. I won’t stop till I get there!”

    Jay Cee: ”Well that about wraps it up Alexis. Good luck at Invicta FC 4 and thanks a lot for taking the time to talk with me, I appreciate it. Please feel free to give any shout-outs to your people and sponsors etc.”

    Alexis Davis: ”Thank you Jay. I would like to thank a few million people, lol….CSA, Gracie Fighter, Fuctional Muscle Fitness, Purchase Green, Hart & Huntington, DOM Fightgear, Bad Reputation, Polanti’s Watches, VII A.D. and 51 Fifty Engery Drink!”

    Thanks again to Alexis Davis for the interview, I appreciate the time.

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    Interview by: Jay Cee  (The MMA Review)

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