• Interview: Aaron Wilkinson talks ahead of his bout against Alan Johnston at Cage Warriors 50

  • British welterweight fighter Aaron Wilkinson is set to face Alan Johnston this coming weekend (December 8th) at Cage Warriors 50, which takes place at the Kelvin Hall in Glasgow, Scotland.

    The MMA Review (themmareview.co.uk) got the chance to talk with Aaron Wilkinson about the upcoming bout and more…

    Check out the interview:

    Jay Cee: ”Hi Aaron, it’s great to have you on themmareview.co.uk. I will start off by asking about your upcoming bout at Cage Warriors 50, where you will be taking on Alan Johnston. This should be a great match-up. Are you excited about this fight and putting on a big performance for the Scottish fans?”

    Aaron Wilkinson: ”I’ve never fought in Scotland but I know the fans up there are great. I’m excited to visit for my first time and hope the fans don’t hate me too much. It promises to be a great night.”

    Jay Cee: ”What are your thoughts on Alan as an opponent? Are there any particular areas of his game that you are specifically preparing for?”

    Aaron Wilkinson: ”Alan’s a very tough opponent, he looks like a good all-round fighter. I have not changed up too much in my camp, I’ve just done the usual and concentrated more on what I want to do as opposed to what Alan wants to. It should be an interesting fight.”

    Jay Cee: ”The event takes place on December 8th, so you are now entering the final stages of preparation. How has this fight camp been for you?”

    Aaron Wilkinson: ”The camps gone great. I have not had any injuries and i’m feeling sharper than ever, just looking forward to fighting come Saturday now.”

    Jay Cee: ”I know you have trained out of the Wolfslair in the past, have you visited any other gyms? or worked with any specific coaches or fighters for this upcoming fight?

    Aaron Wilkinson: ”I now train out of SBG in Manchester, but i’m still managed by the Wolfslair. Since January I have been working with Karl Tanswell and he’s been working wonders with my all-round game, he is also quality at coming up with game plans for specific fighters and I don’t think this time will be any different.”

    Jay Cee: ”It must feel good to enter your next bout on a three-fight winning streak? does it give you more confidence going into this fight?”

    Aaron Wilkinson: ”I’m always confident going into fights and coming in on a win, never mind a winning streak only heightens that confidence, so i’ll be looking to keep the momentum going with a big win on Saturday.”

    Jay Cee: ”In your last fight at Cage Warriors 48 you scored a first round submission victory over Leigh Cohoon. Give me your thoughts on that fight? and how it felt to add yet another submission win to your record?”

    Aaron Wilkinson: ”Getting a win any way always feels good, but it was great to get my first win under the Cage Warriors banner and for it to be a quick sub just made it all the better.”

    Jay Cee: ”Tell me about your goals for the future? where can we expect to see Aaron Wilkinson in 2-3 years time?”

    Aaron Wilkinson: ”I think with the changes I’ve made in the last year, in two or three years I wanna be back in the UFC doing something and not just making up the numbers, but I wouldn’t mind catching the Cage Warriors belt along the way”

    Jay Cee: ”Ok, great. That wraps it up Aaron. Good luck at Cage Warriors 50 and thanks for taking the time to speak with me, I appreciate it. Please feel free to give any shout-outs to your people and sponsors etc.”

    Aaron Wilkinson: ”No worries and thanks for having me. Big thank you to Karl and Jon my coaches at SBG, cheers to all my training partners who have helped me in this camp; Matt, Alex, Garvey, Dave, Karl, Brendan, Gaz and the Geordie Jedward. Thanks to my Thai coach Bri Austin, all my sponsors; CNP Proffessional, Silks, Tattoo Fusion and Holler at Maybach Inc. Also, thanks to my girlfriend who puts up with my annoying moods and diet requests muchos love ppl x”

    Thank again to Aaron Wilkinson for the interview, we appreciate the time.

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    Interview by: Jay Cee  (The MMA Review)