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  • BadBoyTee Front 271x300 Product Review: Bad Boy Walk In II TeeWhen beginning the search for a new MMA t-shirt to add to your closet it’s easy to get bogged down by the amount of choice available from various online retailers around the world. Many of us have certain brands that we prefer for numerous different reasons. For example, you may go for a brand because you like the artwork and designs they print on their tee’s or you may go for a brand because their clothes deliver a certain message that you can identify with. I’m sure lots of people buy t-shirts because they saw their favorite fighter wearing it. As human beings we are quite particular and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, its probably better to be picky as you’re a lot less likely to end up wasting your money.

    Bad Boy is a brand that always manages to stay relevant, but I think one of the main things behind their success is the ability to provide simple, quality products that have a stylish design. The t-shirt I’m reviewing today is a grey “Bad Boy Walk In II Tee“, size “Large”. It was sent to me by the good people over at Bad Boy Europe and is actually one of their best selling Bad Boy t-shirts in the world!

    BadBoyTee Back 270x300 Product Review: Bad Boy Walk In II TeeIn my opinion, this particular t-shirt is popular for the three reasons I mentioned earlier, it incorporates simplicity, quality and style. The shirt showcases the globally known Bad Boy signature letterbox eyes, which features alongside the Bad Boy Logo. The eyes appear in large on the front of the shirt, in small print on the shoulders and also in small print the sleeves. The Bad Boy logo appears in large on both the front and back of the shirt in punch hole print, this specific style of print is very eye-catching and trendy, and it definitely compliments the overall design of the tee.

    One of the best things about this shirt is the fit, without meaning to dissuade anyone with a fuller figure, this shirt really looks great when worn by someone with an athletic build. It’s a “walk in tee”, so I’m sure it’s original design was intended for fighters making their entrance at a Mixed Martial Arts event, this would definitely explain why it looks good on an athletic physique.

    This t-shirt has been made with comfortable soft-touch fabric, which comprises both cotton (60%) and polyester (40%). It’s also been mineral washed, this would explain why the tee has such a nice fit and a worn-in feel.

    I really like this t-shirt, it looks great and feels fantastic. The effective logo placement and stylish print work well together, and I really like the athletic fit. It’s no surprise that this is one of Bad Boy’s best selling t-shirts as it combines all of the things that make the brand so popular. This tee gets the thumbs up from me, a great addition to anyone’s t-shirt collection.

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