• Product Review: Airloop Glove Drying Ring

  • Airloop 5 Product Review: Airloop Glove Drying RingSwany recently sent us a pair of their Airloop Glove Drying Ring’s to try out. This product has been designed to allow air to flow through your gloves when they are not being worn. Gloves can become wet for various reasons, for example you may be wearing winter gloves out in the rain or snow, or you may be an athlete wearing protective gloves that have become sweaty. This product aims to assist with the drying process by creating an opening for air to flow through the glove, which helps prevent the gloves from becoming smelly and developing mildew when not on your hand.

    The Glove Drying ring is very easy to use. First you roll the plastic Airloop inside of itself by putting the pointed end through the top of the hole. Next, with the logo facing out, you squeeze the Airloop together until it is small enough to fit into your glove. Once the Airloop is inside you let go and it expands, creating space for air to flow within the glove.

    Airloop 3 216x300 Product Review: Airloop Glove Drying RingI tested the Airloop Glove Drying Ring on a pair of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gloves and a pair of boxing gloves. Most pairs of MMA gloves have an open palm, so air already reaches that section of the glove. This left me thinking that the Airloop Glove Drying Ring may not be needed for this type of glove. However, MMA gloves do become sweaty after a training session, so I wanted to see it there was any way the Drying Ring could help. The finger and wrist sections of the glove can become clammy and damp due to sweat, and when you take the gloves off the wrist section sinks into itself and does not really allow any air to get inside. I put the Airloop Glove Drying Ring inside the wrist section and it definitely helped air to reach that area. Although the Drying Ring has been created to help air get inside of a glove, using it with an open palmed glove did help improve airflow to the wrist section, which is fantastic.

    When using the Airloop Drying Ring with a pair of boxing gloves, which are more suited to the purpose of the product as they are not open palmed, the results were very impressive. Boxing gloves are designed to protect the hands and wrists from becoming damaged or injured, so the padding tends to be very thick. The wrist section of a boxing glove will usually close up Airloop 2 Product Review: Airloop Glove Drying Ringwhen the glove is not being worn by someone and this can block air from getting inside the glove. As time passes the glove will start to develop an unwanted odor as the sweat inside will not be able to dry out allowing bacteria to form, which will make the inside of the glove very smelly and unpleasant. By simply inserting the Airloop Glove Drying Ring into the wrist section of the boxing glove it creates a pathway for air to flow into the glove, which helps it to dry out.

    Another benefit of using the Drying Ring is that it creates an entry point for anyone who uses anti-bacterial sprays to clean the inside of their gloves. It can be hard for these types of sprays to reach right inside, but the Airloop Ring opens the inside up, enabling the spray to circulate deep into the glove.

    Airloop 1 Product Review: Airloop Glove Drying RingOverall the guys over at Swany have created a smart product that solves a problem many people have to deal with. The great thing is that you can use it with many different types of gloves, and because it’s small you can more or less take it anywhere. The Airloop Glove Drying Ring helps to prevent the build up of bacteria, which maintains hygiene and improves the life of your gloves. The Airloop is great for drying your gloves at home or on the go. This is a handy product that definitely gets the thumps up from me.

    You can buy a pair of Airloop Glove Drying Ring’s for $8.95 by CLICKING HERE

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    A big thanks to Swany for sending us the product to try!

    Jay Cee – @themmareview

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