• Product Review: CarbGel Energy

  • CarbGel Product Review: CarbGel EnergyThe team over at DeepBlueSupplements.com recently sent me some samples of the new CarbGel energy supplement to review. The product has been designed to supply energy for exercise and promote recovery by providing a concentrated burst of carbohydrates. Suitable for use before, during and after your workouts CarbGel gives your body the calories and nutrients it needs to fuel exercise by raising blood sugar levels which in turn enhances your physical performance.

    One of the great things about this product is that it really doesn’t matter what type of sports activity you are doing, as long as you are exercising, working out and making use of the muscles in your body, this product will be beneficial for you.

    These days a lot of products are using new technologies, ingredients and science to create unique or original supplements which will appeal to people who want something that is seemingly “different”. This marketing technique is quite effective as many people want the newest, cutting edge product that is out, however not everyone will buy into it and sometimes you just need something simple that gives you the required results.

    CarbGel seem to have chosen the simple but effective option bringing users an on-the-go alternative for their workout energy supply. As you can tell from the name, this product focuses on Carbohydrates of which there are two types; complex Carbohydrates, which are often referred to as starchy foods i.e. Potatoes, and simple Carbohydrates, which are also known as sugars.

    CarbGel 2 Product Review: CarbGel EnergyI’m no scientist, but I know that Carbohydrates are an ideal source of energy for us because they can easily be converted into Glucose, which is absorbed directly into the bloodstream during digestion, providing a important source of energy for our cells. This is exactly why CarbGel can be used before,during and after your workout.

    This product is ideal to take ahead of a workout as it will ensure you have the energy you need to perform to the best of your ability whilst putting your body through a demanding session. As such, working out will eventually deplete the energy supply you have given to your body, so to top-up you can take the product during your workout. Lastly, once you have finished your training session, or sporting activity, your body will need to recover. Taking the supplement after a workout will mean your cells have the energy they need to repair and regenerate.

    When using the product myself I really noticed the benefits of using a concentrated energy supply. I did exactly the same workout out twice, once without the CarbGel and once with the CarbGel. This session involved some work with kettle bells, TRX suspension training and running. I did it without the CarbGel first so that in a couple of days when I did the workout again, but this time using the supplement, I would be able to see if there were any improvements in my energy levels and endurance…and there were.

    The second time around it took me a longer to become tired and fatigued. My muscles felt like they had more fuel and could be manage more repetitions then in my first workout. Sometimes my eating patterns can vary and throughout the day I don’t always take on the right amount/type of Carbohydrates my body needs to perform at it’s best during an intense workout. I really felt that CarbGel gave me the boost I needed to combat this. Don’t get me wrong, I know it is good to have healthy diet and make sure you are taking on board all of the nutrients and food based energy you need, but day-to-day life doesn’t always enable us to follow this strictly.

    Another fantastic thing about CarbGel is that you won’t need a large shaker bottle and a container of powder, you just need your little sachet and away you go! You can literally take it anywhere and the durable packaging means it is safe in your pocket while going for a run or in a sports bag with your gear and clothing etc.

    CarbGel is available in Blackcurrant, Citrus and Cola (Caffeinated) flavours. My favourite was Citrus as it had a lovely lemony taste that reminded me of the old Lemon Sherbet sweets I used to have as a kid. However, all of the flavours are great, so it is definitely worth giving them all a try.

    CarbGel 3 Product Review: CarbGel EnergyOverall I found this supplement to be simple, effective and tasty. The small sachets are good to carry around when you are on-the-go, it’s perfect for people who do regular workouts, training or take part in sporting activities. CarbGel is quick and easy to consume and gives you that extra boost of energy for your training/exercise sessions. CarbGel definitely gets the thumbs up from me.

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