• Product Review: Bad Breed Signature Edition Black MMA Competition Gloves

  • Bad Breed Gloves 1 300x222 Product Review: Bad Breed Signature Edition Black MMA Competition GlovesBad Breed recently sent us a pair of their Signature Edition Black MMA Competition Gloves to review. These particular gloves are the official gloves of UCMMA (Cage Rage) and many other MMA events around the UK, so we were definitely excited to try them out.

    Appearance and Fit

    To start off, we looked at the style and appearance of the glove. It has a nice and simple black leather base colour with a Bad Breed logo printed on one of the fingers, and on the large knuckle area of the glove. You will also find some cool looking logo patterns on the wrist section of the glove and a full logo located on the back of the velcro wrist strap. Lastly, there is branding on the open palm area of the glove which looks awesome on top of the red leather base.

    Bad Breed Gloves 3 300x200 Product Review: Bad Breed Signature Edition Black MMA Competition GlovesOne of the key things to note about this glove is the instant feel of quality. You can see that care has been put into the creation of the glove. There is no loose stitching and the shock absorption padding in the knuckle area is strong and firm. Bad Breed have used A Grade buffalo leather for these gloves and although this may cost them more in manufacturing costs, it is well worth it. You get a premium feel and you can tell that someone has thought about what the end user would really want in a glove. We were really impressed with the overall design quality.

    Performance and Functionality

    These gloves performed very well in the striking department. The padding provided ample protection when throwing powerful shots and overall the gloves were extremely comfortable. They also fit perfectly, felt good in sparring and allowed for good speed when using the mitts.

    Bad Breed Gloves 2 300x210 Product Review: Bad Breed Signature Edition Black MMA Competition GlovesNow, although the gloves were great for striking, we felt they achieved even better results in the grappling department. These gloves have been designed with a Neoprene coated inner finger section, we really felt that this allowed for greater hand movement, making grappling a lot easier with gloves on. Many people find that MMA gloves make grappling slightly awkward as it is hard to get a good grip. At the end of the day you will never get a glove that matches your bare hands, but the open palm design of these gloves allowed for a less restrictive experience then a lot of other gloves currently on the market.

    For those of you concerned about your gloves becoming overly sweaty and uncomfortable, we found that these gloves absorbed moisture very well. This is probably due to the antimicrobial lined inner knuckle and wrist area, which keeps the gloves relatively fresh. I don’t really have anything bad to say about these gloves. The wrist section of the gloves is not as thick as other MMA gloves we have tried out, but during training we noticed nothing that would spark cause for concern. In fact, it probably contributed to the high level of comfort.

    Bad Breed Gloves 4 300x200 Product Review: Bad Breed Signature Edition Black MMA Competition GlovesOverall Analysis

    Overall this is one of the best MMA gloves we have ever used. This is a high quality glove made with high quality materials and the attention to detail shows instantly. It is clear that Bad Breed have taken time to consider the needs of the fighter who will be using the glove. They haven’t cut corners in creating/manufacturing this product and in my opinion the brand as a whole is a diamond in the rough. If they continue to create high quality gear like this you can expect to see Bad Breed alongside some of the top brands in the industry. These gloves definitely get the thumbs up from The MMA Review.

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