• Product Review: Everlast Protex 2 Training Gloves

  • Protex 2 Back 300x253 Product Review: Everlast Protex 2 Training GlovesIn recent years Everlast have made themselves a lot more accessible to customers who are on a lower budget by offering a wide range of affordable gear and equipment. We were recently sent a pair of 16oz Everlast Protex 2 Training Gloves to try out, this gave us a chance to see what one of their current products had to offer.

    Appearance and Fit

    We were sent a black pair of these gloves and in my opinion they look great. Similar to most everlast products, the design is very simple with an Everlast logo printed on the back. You will also find “Protex 2” branding located on the wrist section of the glove and a miniature everlast logo on the lowest part of the wrist section.

    The inside of the glove is lined with comfortable yellow “EverDry” material which is designed to prevent a buildup of moisture and sweat. The wrist section has an elasticated strap with a velcro fastening panel that is Grey. The “EverCool” full mesh that covers the palm section is also grey which mixes very well with the black base colour of the gloves. The mesh is flexible and comfy, but the main thing is that it allows air to reach your hands increasing breathability, which is fantastic. When wearing handwraps the Protex 2 Front 300x242 Product Review: Everlast Protex 2 Training Glovesgloves fit nicely and didn’t feel loose. We felt that the wrist section of the glove could have been made with more support on the underside. Also, the overall padding within the glove could be a bit thicker and more filled out.

    On close inspection I also noticed that some of the stitching was loose. This could lead to fraying and loose bits of stitching appearing later on down the line which could have an effect on the durability of the glove. That said, for a product that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, most of us wouldn’t expect the gloves to last as long as a high-end glove that may have better quality stitching. Lastly, the gloves aren’t made with 100% full leather, instead they are made with premium synthetic leather. This gives the gloves a slightly cheaper feel in my opinion.

    Performance and Functionality

    These gloves have been designed for bag work, sparring and mitt work. We felt that they performed best during sparring as the softer padding was forgiving on your partner. However, we noticed a slight lack of support for the wrists which can leave you Protex 2 Inside 300x193 Product Review: Everlast Protex 2 Training Glovesfeeling quite exposed when throwing uppercuts as it allows the wrist to bend more than one would like. The gloves performed well when used with the heavy bag and absorbed impact nicely. Also, because the gloves are not too bulky and heavy you can maintain speed and accuracy when working with the mitts. Overall the gloves delivered good results, but we noticed some small things that perhaps wouldn’t exist with Everlast’s Protex 3 elite range. The gloves we are testing come from the Protex 2 range, so they may not be fully loaded, but they’re a great training choice for beginners in my opinion.

    Overall Analysis

    These are a good pair of boxing gloves that are great for training. If you are a beginner that needs something affordable than this product is definitely a suitable option. Although there is room for improvement on the design side of things, this glove is extremely comfortable, looks fantastic and performs well in sparring. They may lack the attention to detail that you would get with a high-end glove, but the main thing is that they get the job done.

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