• Product Review: Bad Breed Twisted Intention Deluxe Focus Pads

  • Bad Breed Pads 1 300x202 Product Review: Bad Breed Twisted Intention Deluxe Focus PadsIn this review we take a look at Bad Breed’s Twisted Intention Deluxe Focus Pads. Following a shining review of their MMA gloves, we couldn’t wait to try out Bad Breed’s focus pads and see if they were just as impressive.

    Appearance and Fit

    These focus pads really do look great and definitely stand out from the crowd. The back of the pad is made from a mixture of black and white leather. The two sides of the hand section that reach out to the edge of the pad incorporate a cool mesh material that helps to improve breathability and hand grip. The white leather that covers the back of the hand section has an awesome bit of red bloodstain print on it with a cross in the middle that resembles some form of a religious cross. Below that you will find the signature Bad Breed logo in black print accompanied by the words “Chronicles of a Fighter”. Slightly below that is another white Bad Breed Pads 3 300x200 Product Review: Bad Breed Twisted Intention Deluxe Focus Padsleather section that has some more nifty print on it that looks like a red sword. Either side of that there is black text that says “Twisted Intentions”. In my opinion, the design offers a perfect mix between raw Gothic styling and all-round slickness.

    The front of the pad has a black leather base, and in line with Bad Breed’s Gothic tone, there is a large white print of a bird, possibly an eagle, holding a cross with a red sword in the middle. I am not sure if there is some sort of meaning behind the artwork, but I think it looks simply majestic.

    Performance and Functionality

    One of the main things that we found impressive about these focus pads was how light they were. With absolutely no sacrifices made in the padding and safety department, Bad Breed have been able to keep these pads really lightweight, which is perfect for high speed sessions. The pads have a domed palm which gives you an increased range for angled strikes. They are very Bad Breed Pads 2 300x210 Product Review: Bad Breed Twisted Intention Deluxe Focus Padscomfortable to wear and provide an ample amount of protection and support for your wrist. There are a lot of focus pads on the market that incorporate a hook-and-loop wrist strap or velcro fastener for a more tailored fit, this particular pair doesn’t. However, we didn’t find it to be a problem at all. Our hands remained secure at all times and didn’t slip.

    Similarly to the Bad Breed MMA gloves, this pair of focus pads is made from high quality buffalo leather, so they should be pretty durable. The padding provides an excellent amount of protection for the wearer, but at the same time it isn’t overly thick. It doesn’t prohibit speed or movement and can absorb heavy uppercuts and hooks very well. When using the pads for long periods of time we didn’t notice our hands becoming excessively sweaty and wet, Bad Breed Pads 4 300x191 Product Review: Bad Breed Twisted Intention Deluxe Focus Padsthis was probably due to the moisture absorbing anti-microbial lining that has been incorporated into the design of the glove. These focus pads were truly a pleasure to use.

    Overall Analysis

    I’ll keep it simple…If you are looking for an affordable, high quality pair of focus pads, look no further. Bad Breed have impressed us once again with another smashing bit of gear. This is a well designed product that will allow you to maintain a high level of intensity during pad sessions. The pads are light, comfortable and look great. I definitely think these focus pads will allow you to fulfill your “Twisted Intentions” in the gym, so for that reason and all of the others mentioned above I would recommend this product any day of the week. A fantastic bit of kit.

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