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    My friends over at UltimateFightwear.co.uk recently sent me a 100ml bottle of ANTIBAC – MMA Antibacterial Spray to review. This product has been created using 100% natural aromatherapy ingredients and provides antibacterial and antimicrobial protection for your MMA gloves, boxing gloves, shin guards and even trainers. If you are a Mixed Martial artist or train in some form of contact sport then you will be familiar with smelly gloves. This spray is designed to freshen up your gear and protect you from any unwanted germs or bacteria.

    I tested this spray out on both gloves and trainers. The first thing I noticed after spraying the product into a very smelly pair of boxing gloves was the zingy, lemony, sharp fragrance that engulfed the interior of my gloves giving them an instantly fresh smell. After waiting  five minutes to see how fresh the gloves would be after some time, I came to find that the strength of the fragrance had decreased, but the shoe no longer smelt bad. I was very impressed.

    The great thing about this product is that it gives your gloves a nice smell, but also gets to the route of the odour and kills the bacteria and germs from which it is created. It’s almost like having a body spray or an antiperspirant deodorant, one will make you smell nice for 30 mins and the other will keep you smelling fresh all day. I know which one I would rather use.

    The product contains Lemongrass, Tea Tree and Benchmark Thyme. These specific ingredients combined are effective against bacteria, air born germs and contact germs, which all thrive in a Combat Sport/Mixed Martial Arts training environment. Many different types of gear and equipment harbor unwanted germs and bacteria that can lead to different forms of infection. Using this spray on your gear regularly can protect you against this. I found the product to work very well with both the gloves and the trainers. It is very easy to go about your daily business and not give a second thought to keeping the insides of your trainers bacteria free, but once you realize how bad they can actually smell, a quick squirt of a spray seems like a very good solution for maintaining and extending the life of your footwear and gloves.

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    MMA Antibacterial Spray

    You can buy a 100ml bottle of ANTIBAC – MMA Antibacterial Spray for £8.99 – CLICK HERE

    A big thanks to Primrose Aromatherapy who make the product and Ultimate Fightwear for sending me the spray to try!

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