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How to Practice Taekwondo while Staying Safe from COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has not only caused economic disruption, but it has also affected sport tremendously, such as taekwondo. If you are a taekwondo trainee, you have probably stopped going to the gym to practice. However, all is not lost, because you can still practice taekwondo at home.

The following is how you can practice taekwondo while staying safe from the pandemic.

Make Space in Your Home for Training

If your home is packed with furniture, it’s high time you rearranged it and took some of that furniture to the basement. You don’t need a big space, but it must be big enough for you to do training. If your garage or basement is spacious, take your training gear there.

Buy the Right Gear

Many people have learned taekwondo online; you may have done the same. Therefore, it’s vital that you purchase the right gear for training. Essential gear includes the following:

  • A freestanding bag
  • A dobok (the uniform worn by practitioners of taekwondo)
  • A strike pad

Use Online Video Tutorials

This is important, especially for beginners who typically have to rely on trainers. If you are a beginner who wants to learn the Combat MMA techniques at home, consider downloading video tutorials. These can be easily accessed on YouTube or other video-sharing sites. Follow the steps one at a time until you perfect your skills.

Warm-Up and Stretch before Practicing

It does not matter if you are an advanced trainee or a beginner – you still must stretch and warm-up before you get started. Stretching helps you avoid sustaining injuries while you train. It can also help you achieve effective kicking styles.


There is no need to stop training because of the epidemic. It’s important to know that you can proceed with your taekwondo practice at home, as long as you have the necessary gear and enough space.