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Surprising Exercises that MMA Fighters Enjoy

MMA fights are the end results of many years of training and exercise. Most audiences see kicks, fists, elbows and punches but a good MMA fighter knows that this is only one element of a fighter’s arsenal. Many MMA fighters understand that a fighter’s body is their temple. Fighters nurture their body with many surprising forms of exercise.


MMA fighters use yoga to increase their flexibility. This augers well for MMA, which requires a lot of grappling and wrestling in all kinds of obscure positions. These positions can strain muscles and joints. Shifting weight quickly is also important for MMA fighters and holding yoga poses require exceptional balance to hold all kinds of positions. This benefits the fighter because the eventually will not even think about how to balance and will do it as a reflex.

A look at a live MMA fight on Unibet TV Live Streaming shows just how much the joints of fighters are strained. Yoga is kind to joints because the joints are twisted much further than other types of training. It pushes the old fluid out of joints and takes in new fluid. Damage to joints is a risk that many MMA fighters fear, but yoga can increase flexibility and maintain better joint durability over a longer time.

Swimming and Water Aerobics

Swimming is known as a low impact sport that puts very little pressure on muscles and joints but is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercises. A MMA fighter’s muscles are get so tired during a cardio training. Getting in the swimming pool is a way to get all the benefits of cardio without putting too much strain on the body. Water aerobics is another way to keep fit in the water and can help with rehabilitation.

MMA fighters love the competition and challenge of fight but knowing some forms of exercise such as swimming and yoga are important for overall health is essential.