• Product Review: Sweet Sweat

  • Sweet Sweat 2 Product Review: Sweet SweatMy friends over at Sweet Sweat UK recently sent me some samples of their “Sweet Sweat” workout enhancer to review. The product has been designed to enhance and accelerate the sweating process while you are working out. When you sweat you consume a lot of energy, “Sweet Sweat” can be applied to specific problem areas of your body improving circulation and increasing the amount of sweat you produce.

    The thermogenic effect that is created during exercise helps you to burn more calories as you are working out. Another benefit of using the product is the positive effect it has on your muscles. The increase in circulation and temperature caused by “Sweet Sweat” helps to fight muscle fatigue, which enables improvement in muscle activity.

    Me and my friend Jay Kerby went down to the gym and gave “Sweet Sweat” a really good testing session. The product “directions” suggest that “Sweet Sweat” can be used under workout clothing, in a sauna, and also while swimming, so we decided to use it whilst doing all three!

    The product is a smooth gel that has a similar feel to Vaseline or grease. It’s quick and easy to apply to the body, smells nice and also moisturizes your skin. Added comfort can be taken in the fact that “Sweet Sweat” contains natural ingredients and has been tested to be hypoallergenic.

    Sweet Sweat 4 Product Review: Sweet SweatWe applied the product to one half of our bodies, allowing us to make a comparison between parts where “Sweet Sweat” had been applied, and where it was not. The gym workout was cardio based, starting with 15 mins on the Cross Trainer to raise the heart rate. Once finished we instantly noticed a warmth on the side of our bodies covered in the product, the chest and back areas had began to produce sweat, but the clean side was still dry.

    The rest of the gym workout consisted of rowing, running and various exercises including press-ups, sit-ups and more. The full workout lasted approx. 60 mins and the results were quite impressive. We noticed that the “Sweet Sweat” side was literally dripping with sweat, our shirts were heavily saturated and veins slightly raised, this indicates increased circulation which is great for the muscles while training.

    Here is James Kerby’s analysis of the product:

    “Sweet Sweat produces visceral results that are obvious within the exercise environment. What’s more, the smooth application and impact of the product does not affect comfort like the majority of generic rubefacient products that my lifestyle has had me encounter previously. A ‘must have’ if exploring thermogenic products.” – Jay Kerby BA, MSC, PGCE

    There is no doubting that this product works, it does exactly as advertised, you only need to try it once and you can clearly see the results. If you want to get more out of your gym sessions and elevate circulation for enhanced productivity, then “Sweet Sweat” is the ticket. I would recommend this product and intend to start using it myself!

    Sweet Sweat 1 Product Review: Sweet SweatYou can buy a 3.5oz jar of “Sweet Sweat” for £24.99 – CLICK HERE TO BUY

    A big thanks to Sweet-Sweat.co.uk for sending me the product to try and review!

    You can follow “Sweet Sweat UK” on TWITTER or FACEBOOK to stay up-to-date with their latest products and deals.

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    Lastly, A big thanks to my good friend Jay Kerby who helped me with the review.

    *All images sourced from “http://www.sweet-sweat.co.uk”