• Product Review: eProtein Diet Whey

  • eProtein 247x300 Product Review: eProtein Diet WheyThe good people over at eProtein recently sent me a 907g tub of Chocolate Cookie flavored Diet Whey Protein to review. The product has been designed to aid with weight control and help users to shed any unwanted weight they may have on their body. The great thing about this product is that you don’t need to worry about packing on loads of weight like many other Whey Protein products tend to do. Instead, this diet protein will allow you to shred and hopefully achieve a lean, toned physique, while maintaining lean muscle mass.

    Lots of people tend to either concentrate solely on losing weight by changing their diet and doing lots of cardiovascular based exercise or they start pumping iron to bulk up and increase muscle mass. Because of this, when people focus on losing weight they actually lose muscle mass and simply burn away fat. This supplement is designed to give you the protein you need to maintain lean muscle mass, whilst providing the nutrients your body needs to burn fat.

    On top of that, rather then taking loads of different supplements alongside your protein to help with weight loss, you can now forget all about that and use eProtein Diet Whey as an all-in-one alternative. The product combines protein with CLA powder, Green Tea, Acai Berry, Taurine and Acetyl L-Carnitine, so you get everything you need from the one supplement.

    Taste & Texture

    This protein powder is available in Strawberry or Chocolate Cookie. The recommended amount of powder is 1-2 scoops, so I decided to have 1 ½ scoops with 250ml of water. After rattling my shaker bottle for a while I instantly noticed how thick the shake was, so I added more water (approx. 50ml). After adding the extra water it was still quite thick in comparison to other Whey Protein’s I have had in the past, but I went ahead and drank it that way as I thought this may have been the intended consistency for the product. The flavour was fantastic and it definitely tasted like chocolate cookie. I assumed that because this product was a diet Whey it would have a weaker, less sweet taste, but it was the opposite with a very full and rich flavour. The thickness almost gave it the feel of a high quality milkshake you can purchase from a supermarket, but it still had a powdery element to the texture, which I liked because it reminded me I am drinking an actual supplement. Very tasty.


    I only had a limited amount of time to test this product, so I cannot really comment on the long term benefits of using it. However, in the time I did have I drank the shake immediately after workouts and found it to be very good for muscle recovery. My workouts were cardio based with some weight training to facilitate muscle maintenance. There were no increases in my weight whilst using the supplement, in fact I noticed a slight decrease in my weight, this is probably because this particular Diet Whey Protein is low  in carbohydrates and fat, which is perfect for weight loss.

    Value for Money

    If you take a look at the current market a 907g container of protein generally costs between £20-£40. A 907g tub of eProtein Diet Whey normally costs £23.99, which is towards the cheaper end of the scale. I definitely think this product offers great value for money, especially when you consider the additional weight loss ingredients that the supplement is made with. If you are trying to lose some weight, maintain muscle and get shredded then this is definitely an affordable product you should look at trying to help aid you weight loss regime.

    Overall Analysis

    If you are looking for a delicious tasting protein to accompany your weight loss and muscle maintenance program then this is a great product for you. Also, if you are an MMA fighter trying to keep tabs on your weight during fight camp, but still want to take advantage of  the muscle recovery benefits protein gives to your body, then this is definitely a suitable supplement. I really enjoyed this product, it’s affordability and effectiveness was impressive, so it definitely gets my thumbs up!

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    A big thanks to eProtein for sending me the product to try!

    Jay Cee – @themmareview

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